X-Bike Exercise Bike Review

8 Tension Levels, Foldable and Competitively Priced

The X-Bike Exercise Bike may look a little different at first glance due to its higher seat and handlebars, but this does not take away from the bike’s functionality. Riders will find that this bike, meant for weight loss, provides an immense workout that leaves the rider tired, sore and fitter with each and every session.

X-Bike Exercise Bike Review

We R Sports Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike X-Bike Fitness...
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We R Sports Folding Magnetic Exercise Bike X-Bike Fitness...
  • Burns 4 times more calories than walking
  • Adjustable padded seat.


Before delving into a full review, we want to show you some of the key features offered.

X-Bike Exercise Bike at a Glance

  • Colors: 8 unique colors to choose from
  • Monitoring: A 6 function monitor
  • Resistance: 8 tension controls
  • Storage: Easily folds up for easy storage
  • Saddle: Adjustable
  • Max User Weight: 100kg
  • Resistance System: Flywheel with magnetic plates

Features and Performance

The box is a bit heavy, but upon unpacking, you will find that assembly is rather easy. While the instructions were lacking, we were able to fully assemble this exercise bike within just 20 minutes. The handlebars are fixed, so you will need to simply tighten bolts and screws to assemble this model.

After assembly, you will want to sit on the very comfortable seat and make adjustments to the height. While the manufacturer has not put a limit on the minimum height a person should be, the consensus is that this bike is not ideal for people under 5’4. Riders as tall as 6’2 have stated that they can fully extended their legs on this bike, which is not common at this price range.

After riding for more than an hour, the seat was still very comfortable and did not provide any soreness. The pedals are a little different than most, so you will want to place your foot so that pedal is perfectly aligned with the middle of your foot and not the ball or heel.


Pedaling is very easy at first if you have not turned up the tension level. There are 8 tension levels seen that allow for easy to moderate resistance. While the highest level is difficult, it is definitely much easier than many other bikes in this price range. Many people will see this as a fault, but this is meant to be an exercise bike for losing weight, which means speed and resistance must be kept around an adequate level.

The monitor is the last thing to look at. Situated right in the middle of the handles, the monitor has 6 modes to choose from. These modes are as follows:

  • Calories: Not precise, but uses normal calculations based on speed and tension for a close assumption.
  • Distance: Presented in miles.
  • Pulse: Fed through the handles. The pulse monitor is accurate and displays beats per minute.
  • Scan Speed: Presented in miles per hour.
  • Time: The minutes and seconds that a person has ridden.

The monitor can also display the real time.

It is worth noting that while having a flywheel design, this bike is very quiet and not too heavy. When you are done working out, you can fold up the bike and place it in your closet for easy storage.

X-Bike Exercise Bike Review rear


  • Accurate monitoring which is not normally seen at this price range.
  • Great overall calories burned.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Very comfortable seat.
  • Plenty of seat level adjustments.
  • Great for taller riders.
  • Quiet flywheel.
  • Very sturdy.


  • Not ideal for riders under 5’4.
  • A bike truly meant for beginners.

The design of the X-Bike Exercise Bike is not meant for users under the height of 5’4. While this is not specified by the manufacturer, many smaller riders had trouble using this bike. However, taller riders found that this is one of the only bikes able to accommodate their longer legs.

The tension levels seen are really meant for beginners or those that want to lose weight. As mentioned previously, this bike is meant to help you lose weight and improve your cycling speed. Moderate tension provides superior results when compared to slow cycling with intense tension levels.

The X-Bike bike was a pleasure to ride and is very sturdy. Meant for weight loss, users will end every session tired and sore. With easy adjustments and a monitor, this is one of our favorite bikes at this low price range.