DKN AM-E Exercise Bike Review

DKN Technology came out with the AM-E exercise bike and it blew us out of the water. Not only is this bike rated very highly, but it features a sleek design and all of the features you could want in an exercise bike – even a heart rate monitor.


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DKN AM-E Exercise Bike at a Glance

  • 32 resistance levels
  • 8kg flywheel
  • 12 pre-set exercise programs
  • LCD display
  • Max user weight of 140kg
  • 35kg weight
  • Pulse monitor
  • Vertical and horizontal seat adjustments
  • 2 year warranty

Features and Performance

I was happy when unpacking the box to see that setup was not going to be an issue. The instructions were lacking, but everything is rather self-explanatory. In fact, I recommend trying to piece this model together yourself instead of reading the instructions. Once assembled, it was well worth the effort.

The seat needs a little adjusting, which is easy another thanks to the ability to adjust it horizontally and vertically. Tall and smaller users will have no issue on this bike. The saddle itself is well padded, so you won’t feel any aches or discomfort when riding.

An ergonomic handlebar allows you to monitor your pulse as long as you have your hands on the silver grips. Overall, the handlebars were extremely comfortable and no slipping was seen even when my palms were sweaty.

Final adjustments needed to be made to the pedals to ensure that the strap was wide enough for my feet. This was a simple adjustment.

Finally, jumping on the bike for the first time provided an immense workout. The saddle and handlebars were near perfect and the pedals gripped my feet so that no slipping was experienced. Choosing to free ride, I was able to build up a sweat before adjusting the monitor. The display allows you to:



Read more customer reviews – Click Here


  • Choose between 12 pre-set biking programs
  • Electronically adjust tension levels to 32 different degrees
  • View time
  • View distance
  • View pulse
  • View RPM

You can even choose recovery mode to let you cool down properly after a biking session. Users will also be able to track:

  • Speed
  • Calories burned

If you’re trying to lose weight or build stamina, these two metrics are essential.

The pre-set workouts are very demanding and will challenge even the fittest rider. With the ability to add resistance at will, you’ll find that the DKN AM-E can provide both a stamina and muscle building workout right at home.


  • 32 resistance levels
  • Optimal LCD display
  • Pulse monitor
  • High weight limit


  • Lacks handlebar adjustment options
  • Can be noisy at times
  • No wheels for transport

I couldn’t be happier with the DKN AM-E. Not only is this machine extremely comfortable, but it comes with an amazing on-board display that allows for complete control over the way you exercise. The cool down option is also a nice addition and will allow you to get your heart rate to drop before jumping off the bike.

The DKN AM-E is the exercise bike you want if you want a gym-level workout in the comfort of your own home.