The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise Bike Workout

An exercise bike workout should be difficult, make you sweat, and ultimately help you reach your fitness goals. If you’re exercising regularly, you’ll lose fat and build muscle. But, sometimes, your workout may not be tuned for fat burning. When this occurs, you may be thinking you’re doing everything right, but you’re ultimately holding yourself back from seeing results.

The Ultimate Fat Burning Exercise Bike Workout

Don’t worry, with a few tweaks, you’ll be able to perform a fat-burning exercise bike workout that will produce results.

The Sprint Workout

A sprint workout will push your limits and ensure maximum caloric burn during your session. This is a great way to determine if you’re really putting in all of your effort when riding, or if you’re doing “just enough”.

Sprinting works like this:

  1. Find your comfortable speed. This is a speed that’s moderately difficult, but it can be maintained for 30 minutes.
  2. Set your resistance, if available, to the lowest setting.

Set your resistance

Now, you’re ready to begin your workout. This is done by following these steps (we’ll use 4mph as our comfortable speed):

  1. Minutes 0 – 5: This is your warmup stage. During this time, you’ll want to cycle at 3mph, 1 mph less than your comfortable range, for 5 full minutes.
  2. Minutes 5 5:30: Sprint at a speed of 7 – 8mph.
  3. Minutes 5:30 – 6:30: Lower your speed to 3 – 4mph.

Now, you’ll follow the above three steps until the last 5 minutes of your workout where you’ll lower your speed to 3 – 4 and let your body cool down.

Note: Each sprint should have its time increased as follows:

  • Sprint 1: 30 seconds.
  • Sprint 2: 45 seconds.
  • Sprint 3: 1 minute.

You can then lower your sprint back down to 30 seconds and build it back up to 1 minute again. This will allow you to push your body to the limits while maintaining your energy for the duration of your workout.

The goal is to ensure maximum exertion during your workout. With sprints, you’ll be pushing your limits and burning calories faster as a result.

The Resistance Workout

Much like the sprint workout, the resistance workout aims to have you burning more calories by mere resistance changes during your session. This works in a very easy way:

The Resistance Workout

  1. Minutes 0 – 5: This is the time when you’ll find your speed to maintain. Pick a speed that is moderately difficult. Again, 4mph seems about right.
  2. Minutes 5 – 6: Increase the resistance level by 1; maintain a speed of 4mph.
  3. Minutes 6 – 7: Increase the resistance level by 1; maintain a speed of 4.5mph.
  4. Minutes 7 8: Increase the resistance level by 1; maintain a speed of 4.5mph.
  5. Minutes 8 10: Lower resistance to 0; maintain a speed of 3 – 4mph.

Now, you’ll continue the above routine until the cool down during the last 5 minutes where you’ll ride at 3mph with no resistance.

After the 10 minute mark, you can again increase the resistance, but try to increase it by 2 levels while maintaining a speed of 3 – 4.5mph.

If the resistance is easy and you can easily maintain your speed, you have a few options:

  1. Aim for a higher speed to maintain.
  2. Crank up the resistance higher.
  3. Do not lower the resistance or speed at any interval.

If you want, you can also mix up the sprint and resistance workout. During the first 10 minutes, follow the resistance workout. After 10 minutes, perform a 5 minute cool down before entering the sprint workout and ending with another cool down. This will help build muscle and stamina, but it’s very challenging.