Roger Black Manual Aerobic Cycle Bike Review

An aerobic workout in the comfort of your own home? That’s what the Roger Black aerobic cycle has to offer. You’re able to cycle – with resistance – in your home without judgment or having to leave your living room.

Adjustable features, manual resistance and console allow you to maximise your workout to lose weight, gain stamina and build muscle faster.


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Bike Features/Specifications

  • 18kg flywheel
  • Manual resistance
  • Self-leveling pedals with straps
  • Adjustable seat and handlebar
  • Adjustable tension control
  • user weight: 125kg
  • Console feedback (runs on batteries)
  • Transportation wheels
  • Dimensions: 115cm x 52cm x 116cm
  • Product weight: 50kg

Our Roger Black Manual Aerobic Cycle Bike Review

We’ve had the pleasure of researching and reviewing the Roger Black bike. Designed for the fitness-conscious individual, this cycle bike has everything you need to have an invigorating, challenging workout.

And from the moment it’s unpacked from its box, you’ll have an easy time getting started.


Assembling the bike is quick and easy. It should take less than an hour to get the machine up and running. However, the bike is heavy at 50kg. You can put it together yourself, but it’s much easier if you have someone to help.

You’ll find that most of the unit comes assembled, but still, take your time to go through the manual.

If you spend the time to go through the manual prior to the assembly process, you’ll have a much easier time with assembly. Thankfully, there aren’t too many “snags” along the way; it’s a straightforward assembly process.

Build Quality

Roger-Black-Manual-Aerobic-Cycle-Bike-FrontRoger Black’s Manual Aerobic Bike is well-built and sturdy. It’s on the heavy side at 50kg, but that adds to the stability and means that you can do HIIT sessions without worrying about it moving around.

The seat is uncomfortable, but that’s to be expected with a spinning bike (they rarely have comfortable seats). Thankfully, the seat can be replaced.

Both the seat and the handlebars are adjustable, so you can find the right fit for your height. The handlebars can be moved up and down, or forward and backward.

The compact design of the bike makes it a practical choice for smaller homes and flats. It doesn’t fold up, but its footprint is small with dimensions of 115cm x 52cm x 116cm. But just because it doesn’t fold doesn’t mean it’s difficult to move.

There are transport wheels on the unit that allow you to move it from one room to another without issue. Since there isn’t a need to plug the unit into an electrical outlet, you have the freedom to place it on the porch during a nice day to cycle outside if you want.

Handlebars and Seat Adjustments

Handlebars are highly adjustable and a key feature that’s easy to overlook. Before you begin cycling the first time, move the lever to adjust the handlebars horizontally, and then a dial can be used to adjust the height vertically.

It’s the ideal solution for users of all heights.

The seat is just as easy to adjust, ensuring that you’re able to achieve full range of motion when cycling. It takes just a few minutes (maybe 1 or 2) to ensure that you have adjusted the handlebars and seat properly.

To find out more about how to set up your spin bike to ensure you are in the correct position click here.

The pedals are self-leveling, so there’s little that you need to adjust aside from the straps. Make sure that the straps are snug around your foot when you begin cycling, and you’ll be ready for an intense cycling session in no time.

Yes, the console leaves a little to be desired, but it’s still a great value from the money.

Adaptable, compact and effective, this spin bike provides users with a robust workout that will allow users to reach their fitness goals.

Maximum User Weight

Keep in mind that Roger Black has designed their spinner bike to handle users with a maximum weight of 125kg, or 19st 10lb. The company has incorporated highly durable material into the design of this spinner bike so that it can meet the needs of users of all weights and sizes.


With an 18kg flywheel, this bike offers smooth and quiet motion. Commercial gym bikes typically have a 20kg flywheel, so this model is almost commercial quality.

For a more challenging workout, the unit provides eight tension levels.

When you adjust the unit’s tension, you’ll find that your cycling is:

  • Harder and more intensive
  • More caloric intensive


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Display Features

The display requires just 1 x AA battery to work. I like this feature because you don’t need to plug your unit into the mains. You can position it in any room without having to worry about power outlets being in reach.

The display provides you with in-depth information about:

  • Time. You can quickly and easily view how much time you’ve spent cycling. If you want to cycle for 20 minutes, the console is the only timer you need.
  • Speed. The speed you cycle is important, too. Faster cycling means you burn more calories and endure a more intensive workout. Speed is displayed right on the console.
  • Distance. The distance cycled is a major metric to follow. If you want to cycle 5km, you can track the distance on the console, too.
  • Calories. The calorie metric allows you to keep track of how many calories you burned during your session. Caloric burn is important when trying to lose weight or fat.

There’s just one simple, large “mode” button available to cycle through the console options. You can also choose the “scan” setting, which allows you to cycle through all of the display modes automatically.

This is a great option if you find yourself cycling from calories to speed and distance often, or any combination of the settings available.


Roger Black has priced this cycle bike at an affordable £240. You’ll find most competing brands selling a spinning bike of this quality for £400+. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a spinning bike of this quality at such an affordable price.


  • Highly adjustable to fit the user’s height and preference
  • Heavy flywheel of almost commercial quality
  • Extreme value for the price
  • 8 manual resistance levels


  • Console is basic

The only “con” of this spinner bike is that the console is basic. You’ll find that it provides all of the essentials: scan, time, speed, distance and calories, but not much else. While some high-end models may even have programs available, this console provides the bare essentials.

For such an extreme value, this is a con that’s easy to overlook.



Roger Black has listened to consumers that want an aerobic cycle bike to meet their unique needs. Priced for the average consumer that doesn’t need an advanced console but still wants to stay in shape, the Roger Black is one of the best value for money spinning bikes on the market.

And you’ll still be able to adjust the bike to meet your height and weight while tracking all of your key metrics along the way.

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